The 23rd China University Basketball League kicked off the new season in Huazhong University of Science and Technology on November 28. At the same time, it is also the second season for War Horse brand to deepen cooperation with Cuba as a top partner.

That night's Guangu Stadium was lively and colorful. Shenzhen, the Deputy Secretary General of the Joint Secretariat of the student sports association of the Ministry of Education and vice chairman of the China University Sports Association, and Huang Chunxiang, vice president of Ali sports, and Li Shuwen, director of War Horse sports marketing department of Reignwood FMCG group, and Ma Jianhui, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and other leading guests, as well as the medias from all walks of life, attended the event to witness the launch of the new season of Cuba. With the attention of more than 3500 fans on the scene, as the four guests pieced together the red and eye-catching War Horse can to form the complete word of Cuba, the new season's Cuba officially played a prelude in Wuhan, a heroic city, and War Horse will also inject full energy into the new season.


Although it was cold in Wuhan that day, thousands of fans came enthusiastically. The booth of the War Horse basketball Carnival outside the stadium was full of people, and fans lined up to participate in all kinds of fun games. War Horse distributed 10,000 cans of drinks at the scene on the same day to add energy to Cuba in the new season.


The highlight of the opening game was a wonderful Wuhan Derby, which filled the eyes of more than 3000 fans. Led by Yue Yaohai and Yang Jialong, Huake Men’s basketball team gradually controlled the initiative in the second half and finally beat Hubei University of Technology by 78-56 to make a good start to the new season. Huake Women’s basketball team also easily defeated Wuhan University of Science and Technology. During the game, the "Three-point ball energy assistance" and "Fans' interesting challenge to win the war horse" launched by War Horse does not only stimulate the players' stronger desire for attacking, but also make the fans on the scene full of harvest. Huake men's and women's basketball team won the three-point ball “Energy Boost" beverage reward provided by War Horse that night.



From the opening game, we can see that there are some obvious upgrades this season compared with last season, both in the presentation of event packaging and fan participation. As the top partner of Cuba, War Horse has also presented rich playing methods to campus basketball fans throughout the season, making the whole event more visible and playable.

Li Shuwen, director of War Horse sports marketing department, said: "War Horse, as an energy drink to accompany young people galloping forward, has been committed to achieve a rich and colorful life for all young people since the birth of the brand. War Horse hope to further contribute to the all-round development of the event with all its partners, and bring more passion and joy to all campus basketball fans while jointly upgrading the overall quality of the event."


At the same time, Li Shuwen also introduced in detail the next relevant specific measures of War Horse and the prospect of the new season, "War Horse will take Cuba as the platform carrier and make full use of multi-dimensional means such as digitization, socialization, entertainment and mobility to provide more rich interactive scenes for the majority of campus basketball lovers and enhance the vitality of the event. It will carry out rich and colorful campus activities, including basketball carnival, second on-site viewing, fan support plan, All-Star viewing group, series of voting activities, online prize guessing, social games and interesting contents. War Horse play Cuba with you. Just like the latest slogan of War Horse brand, ”There is energy, put it on!” War horse sincerely calls on young people who love basketball to stimulate their potential and release their passion, and looks forward to the wonderful Cuba in the new season and the emergence of more dark horses! War Horse! "


Cuba has finally arrived in the new season as promised. In the next seven months, the youth campus will be bustling, and the teenagers dreaming basketball will continue to ride the wind and waves. I hope they are not afraid of challenges, shine now, and look forward to the new season to bring us more joy!