The domestic tide play industry has a "prairie fire" trend in just a decade, and its development speed can not be underestimated. Now the rise of tide play mainstream IP continues to accelerate the awakening of national tide culture consciousness. On this occasion, War Horse take advantage of the times, keep up with the pulse of the trend, and join hands with NIKOKO, the founder of FATKO, a well-known domestic trend toy brand, to inject new energy into the trend creative ecosystem, and is committed to setting off a cultural feast in the trend industry again!

The powerful parties unite to explore the way of the trend.

As a vitamin energy drink brand that accompanies young people to gallop forward, War Horse has worked with NIKOKO to approach the young group and convey more pioneer ideas to trend lovers. FATKO is a vertical cultural brand closely connected with street fashion and independent design, which also provides an excellent meeting point for the combination of the two sides.

In the cooperation, NIKOKO endows FATKO with the core spirits of street skateboarding, integrates the brand’s personality of War Horse, "Surpassing Limits and Challenging Ourselves" , realizes the two-way empowerment of tide playing IP and War Horse spirits, and makes the final product a real art in the form of toys. At the design level, NIKOKO draws inspiration from the anti-traditional deconstructive aesthetics, tries to decompose War Horse’s logo for innovative color matching, and then arranges horizontally to form the unique trend element of War Horse flame, which is used as the visual core to give FATKO more energy.



Continue to empower. And the tide of playing never stops

In the two-dimensional hand-painted stage, War Horse and NIKOKO are always grasping the cutting-edge development trend of the tide culture. In the process of the landing of the 3D doll, War Horse continue to go deep into the tide playing circle, personalize FATKO as the carrier of the tide culture, and stimulate different waves of tide playing in a novel way.

This War Horse & FATKO collection dolls are strong in the tide circle. They do not only have a cool appearance, but also have the personality charm of bravely facing difficulties, daring to challenge and pursuing limits. In addition, the combination of War Horse and FATKO breaks through the conventional barriers from various dimensions such as trend of playing methods and deriving from the surrounding, unlocks the new track of tide culture through different combinations of FATKO and physical skateboards, designs the hidden link in combination with the mysterious attribute of the blind box, widens the interaction mode, meets the curiosity and exploration desire of today's tide players, and plays with young people.



The cooperation between War Horse and FATKO trend toy brand does not only focus on the organic integration of trend culture and creative fun, making the tide play circle bring forth the new and revitalize, but also further extend the tide concept to the younger generation. For War Horse, this is not only the cross-border combination of trends, but also another new breakthrough for War Horse brand to reach the young new forces and explore the tide culture. At the same time, War Horse also learned that only continuous innovation can occupy the highest point in the ever-changing trend. Nowadays, the tide culture is just a start, and War Horse will continue to explore more fields, diversified cooperation and exploration. Let's wait and see the opportunities and development of War Horse tide culture in the future.