"Cool Music & Tide Play", "Cross-border Co Branding" and "Rise of National Tide", key words and a large number of followers, mainly millennials, are announcing that "trend art" has become the general trend to combine with commercial innovation. As a energy drink trendy for new generations, War Horse has been deeply rooted in the field of "Trendy Art" and has made remarkable achievements.

In early this spring, the pulse of energy is dancing from the "War Horse Xianning Production Base" and stablely sweep the whole country through the vivid spring. This production base covering an area of 600 mu is the energy source of War Horse. Advanced production technologies and scales ensure the quality and let our energy flow into everyone.

Right now, the War Horse cooperate with Qi Xinghua, the first 3D street painting artist in China, the creator of four Guinness World Records and the founder of the Chinese street painting art festival, to fully unlock the DNA of the brand "trend art".

With a stroke by stroke outline, the "War Horse energy totem"  that will be jointly created by War Horse and Qi Xinghua officially started.

What kind of gorgeous colors will burst out from the integration of energy and art? This is Qi Xinghua's thinking about art and a bold trend attempt of War Horse. As we all know, the brand value of war horse, "dare to try, loyal to love and full of confidence", has been deeply implanted in the minds of young people as a trend. It has been constantly contributing to the endless creativity and breakthrough of trendy culture.


So, how can we present such a creativity to the public?

The answer is very simple. We mix the most powerful energy auxiliary, War Horse energy drink, into the paint to form an exclusive energy color, adding a powerful soul to it, making the war horse deeply blend with the trend, and also bringing endless power to each stroke to be drawn. Then, Qi Xinghua took the wall as the canvas and spread the energetic and gorgeous colors on the whole wall with spray painting, and the vitality of the trend broke through the wall.


The intention comes before writing, sometimes the center is firm, sometimes it retracts freely, and draws the character of “War Horse” and then swims the blade to depict the nuances of the horse, resorting to the pen for the muscles, bones, expression and galloping dynamics of the horse. The ink is dripping to where the loves come. After this, Qi Xinghua splashed the prepared pigment on the picture by sprinkling the ink. Every flowing color seems to contain endless energy when it splashes on the wall, forming an ink dyeing effect with great artistic tension.


The final painting of "War Horse" is magnificent. A war horse full of energy and endowed with the symbol of courage to move forward is impressive and vigorous. It is disguised as the war horse is flying in the air. It is jumping over the wall. When you watch it from a long distance, it is quite shocking. This gives the "War Horse Xianning Production Base" a brand-new trend symbol.


Play with The Trend and Let the War Horse Genes Spread Everywhere

If War Horse is a treasure of fashion, then OUR alliance with Qi Xinghua is one of the keys to open this treasure. The brand image lies in the strength and courage. In the follow-up creativities, War Horse transformed the tide painting icon into a trend derivative and began the limited production of relevant co branded tide objects.

As the energy source of the young generation, War Horse has always been on the front line of the trend, committing to leading the tide generation to explore infinity with endless energy, for example, rap, e-sports, mass sports, extreme sports... every possible “Dare to Play Time”. The street painting "War Horse" created by War Horse and Qi Xinghua in the production base, a "place of energy origin", also means to spread the energy source of trend art to all directions through war horse drinks.

When every can of War Horse drink produced by the "War Horse Xianning Production Base" reaches the consumers’ hands, it is not only to supplement energy and make people more brave, but also integrate the trend and body so as to make the consumers to become a totally "Tide New Human". It makes everyone excited!

Tracing the source, from the cross-border calligraphy of War Horse and the pioneer ink elephant artist Wu Wenhua, and the creation of the trend toy brand fatko tide, to the frequent breaking of the tide painting circle, the tide IP of War Horse has been gradually cultivated, making the War Horse tide generation a stage for trend lovers to show and discuss.

Now, War Horse is no longer just a drink that can supplement energy and make you braver, but also an exploration and creation that embeds the trend in its DNA. In the future, there will be more and more successful cases of cooperation between War Horses and trend art players. Once the trend is lit, it will be gorgeous fireworks!