Every double skater have a brave heart!

The moment of stepping on the snowboard is the beginning of freedom.

Feel the accelerated heartbeat

Leap to the white peak

Freestyle snowboarding is never easy

Jump, spin, tumble and land

Flow through the clouds and water at one go

Shuttle over the snow field

Speed up, turn over, and fly away

Since they’re born, they are destined to be extraordinary

Keep falling down and getting up, they get closer to their dreams

There is no limit to breaking the boundary

In this “War Horse Dare to Play”, let’s walk into the ice and snow fairy tale of Ai Ling, a Chinese American double board genius girl.

See how the 14-year-old explains her champion heart

The 14-year-old, Ai Ling, has won 50 gold medals in the national snowboarding competition and has become the "overlord" of the snow field. She loves this sport since she was 3 years old, and she gives it to the ski resort most of the winter every year. Even during the summer vacation, she went to New Zealand and Australia in the southern hemisphere for off-season skiing training.

People may think that Ai Ling, who has won 50 gold medals, only relies on hard training, but in fact, in addition to her unremitting efforts to pursue her dreams, she seems to be born for skiing. In her youth, she will walk by the stream and sing and dance. In addition to a girl's daily life, those gold medals are the most dazzling medals in her cardamom years.


Ai Ling loves skiing and never complains. Football, basketball, surfing, swimming, rock climbing, horse riding, water skiing, running... She can quickly control and enjoy almost of all the sports. "Sports are interlinked. When you master most of the skills of one sport, some of them may be used in another sport. When you master more sports (skills), it will be easier to start new sports."

However, though she spends a lot of time on sports, she is also good at study. Unlike most athletes, Ai Ling is a full-time student and has won the first place in the school's math exam for four consecutive years. This year, it broke the school's math exam record with a 100% accuracy rate and won the first place in the school's science exam.


This achievement may be related to all kinds of cram classes she attends in Beijing in every summer vacation. When she returns to American campus, she easily becomes a TOP student. Although she says, "After sitting in class for a few hours, I will feel a little uncomfortable and think about how to exercise. I even run from the classroom to the restaurant to make me feel better", she always has a strong thirst for knowledge on these courses.

"Many people say that girls shouldn't do X sports. Why shouldn't girls? Aren't the girls the same as the boys?" Many girls play X sports better than boys. This has been verified by many excellent female athletes. The beauty that women show in sports is no less than that of men. But in reality, women participate in X sports are relatively rare. In her freestyle skiing team, there are nearly 100 athletes, but only seven or eight are girls. "I hope more girls join X sports. Maybe it is not skiing. Other sports are also OK." Ai Ling said.


She didn't allow the team to have comments that discriminated against girls. When a boy in the team commented that another boy acted like a girl, she taught the boy a lesson. After a series of protests, she didn't give up until such comments were disappeared in the team. She believes that the reason for this kind of speech or thought may be that there are few girls playing X sports at present, and there will be no such kind of ideas when there are more girls play the X sports. Ai Ling hopes to drive more girls to join X sports. One day, when the proportion of men and women in their team can become 50:50. She would say this is equal.

"I'm 100% sure that if you go out and try some sports, you'll definitely find the sports you like. It's best to go out and exercise when you're a child, so you won't always be locked up in the house when you grow up," Ai Ling said.


When the heart is surging, the skii speed is fast.

Release your true self with gorgeous rotation,

Smile in the sports,

Develop yourself at the sports field,

Let's go for skii now.

In the early autumn of the Northern Hemisphere,

Please ignite your passion with War Horse.

Follow Ai Ling to enjoy the beauty of skiing in winter in the southern hemisphere!

At this moment, it is so special.

Your energy is beyond your imagination!