In the morning of 1st September, the weather is nice and the wind is gentle. The 2019 Changsha Wangcheng International Triathlon, favored by many top triathlons in and abroad, came to a successful end in the Tongguanyao town. According to the Olympic standards, this event has three competitions: 1.5 km swimming, 50 km cycling and 10 km running. There are four groups: one international professional elite group, one whole course age group, two cycling and running groups and one swimming single group. Neumann Max from Australia beat the crowd with a result of 01:56:25 and won the champion of the men's group of the international professional elite group; Goss Lauren from the United States made a breakthrough with her excellent performance and won the women's group champion of the international professional elite group with a result of 02:17:54. At the same time, a team with the code of "hissing" jointly organized by War Horse and the runway club also achieved impressive results in the competition. Ma Jie, a former national rowing team athlete, won the 12th place in the professional elite group with a result of 2:35:31 seconds, while Wang Songzhen, who participated in the triathlon competition for the first time, won the 5th place in the men's whole age group aged 18-29. After winning the runner up of the first Triathlon last weekend, Li Jun once again won the runner up of the women's age group aged 18-39, showing the high standard and hissing spirit of Chinese amateur Triathlon enthusiasts.



As an new energy drink brand, the core consumer of War Horse is the new generation of cool young people. Through this competition, we can feel that all young people with attitude and courage may also have such "Iron Man" spirit in their hearts. It is an admirable achievement to fight 61.5km with swimming, cycling and running in just a few hours. War Horse also hope to work with their fans to inspire themselves with the iron man spirits and run bravely towards their goals!



After the game, the team members of the hissing alliance expressed their high evaluation of the event and their respective explanations of the hissing spirits. Ma Jie, the best winner of the team, said, “I have been drinking War Horse for more than two years. The gym where I work has in-depth cooperation with War Horse. Therefore, it supplies War Horse energy drinks all year round, which is a good guarantee for me on the way of sports. Li Jun, the only full course women's age group, said that in the world with Triathlon lovers, every breakthrough is very like a hissing run. We are fighting with something, for example, with the incomprehension of our friends and families, with our physical ability and with our willpower. On your way to becoming an iron man, you can't slack off every moment. You should save enough strength to hiss!



As the designated energy drink of the event, War Horse does not only provide energy support for the players and the competition support team in the process of the event, but also provide more entertainment and leisure experience in the recovery and waiting area after the game so as to help the players get synchronous relaxation of body and mind after the game and feel the ubiquitous energy support from War Horse. Among them, the "iron war" attracted the enthusiastic participation of the players who finished the competition on site, and the group photo exhibition board of "I'm War Horse, I'm an iron man" was also sought after by all the ironmen. Neumann max, the male champion of the international elite group of this competition, and his good friend, Morris Kerry, who is also the third runner up of the international elite group of this competition, lingered on the group photo board and the iron game area.


The Changsha Wangcheng International Triathlon was successfully ended, but the runners' "hissing" will not stop. In the future, through War Horse Hissing Alliance, War Horse will organize more abundant running activities, produce wonderful running cultural contents, create socialized running public welfare projects, and have in-depth exchanges with runners across the country so as to bring unlimited energy to everyone and help everyone to run further. The heroes follow the road, and War Horse hisses!