Hip hop will be officially unveiled at the Paris Olympic Games in more than two years - which is a great encouragement to the majority of hip hop lovers in China. The once "minority" will now appear in the Olympic palace, which is destined to drive the vigorous development of the hip-hop dance industry. Street culture has become a deeply rooted choice for more and more young cultural followers.

At the recently ended Street Dance World Championships, Chinese players went all out, but they all stopped in the top 32 of each individual event, which tells us that we still have a long way to go. How to consolidate the foundation of a wider range of people participating in hip-hop dance, tap more potential excellent players, and cultivate more aspiring young people to understand, participate in and love hip-hop dance is the constant belief of War Horse who deeply cultivates hip-hop dance culture. In this long process, it needs thousands of physical clubs and countless excellent dancers to continue to inherit so as to realize the transformation of Chinese hip-hop dance towards stronger strength as soon as possible.

Based on this, as the representative of the national energy beverage brand, on the basis of successfully holding War Horse hip-hop dance challenge for three consecutive years, War Horse continued to increase its investment in hip-hop dance, and jointly created a series of 2021 WHP War Horse hip-hop dance energy club activities with five well-known hip-hop dance clubs in China.


Started from Beijing to Guangzhou, Chengdu and Zhengzhou for perfect energy storage, and then to Shanghai for smooth succession, the five cities have made concerted efforts to create and witness the attitude and determination of War Horse to advocate the trend culture, as well as the brand's belief in exploring new forces and inheriting the hip-hop culture.


Boutique building reflects the spirit of ingenuity

After three years of deep cultivation of hip-hop dance, War Horse has taken a new exploration in 2021 - the WHP plan; It does not only empower the top dancers, but also expand the radiation crowd to the young people who embrace the trend culture. Therefore, War Horse Hip-hop Dance Energy Club was born with the application, aiming to continuously break the inherent lifestyle, let youth continuously release high-energy young people, provide a quality service platform, take root in the hearts of a new generation of young people through the linkage of high-quality resources, and establish spiritual resonance with them in continuous communication.


From the feedback of the recruited students, the original intention to establish the hip-hop energy club has been realized. A large part of the thousands of dancers recruited in the five cities have been loyal followers of the War Horse Hip Hop Energy Challenge". We walked into the brand exclusive dance room jointly created by war horse and high-quality dance club, realizing the identity leap from audience to dancer. The empowerment of top instructors and teaching subjects in the industry also allows students to personally feel the thoughts and attitudes of real dance.

The wide range of the hip-hop energy club radiated people also confirms the deep brand influence of the war horse WHP plan in the youth circle. Through close learning and practice with students, we can open up a new cognition and find our own way of cool and happy lives.





During the event, to let the students feel the brand's enthusiasm and professionalism in the field of hip-hop dance, they invited old friends who had participated in War Horse Hip-hop Dance Energy Challenge, such as Mulin, Xiaojian and other veteran dancers to actively respond to the continuous edge of War Horse stage, constantly ignite the new learners' continuous desire to practice dance with their ideal version of performance and linkage, and give on-site guidance and share their experience in a enlightening way, It has narrowed the emotional distance between War Horse and the new generation of young audiences, deepened mutual trust, and built a social platform belonging to the home of young culture and a wider circle.

Cross Circle Linkage to Create New Playing Methods

Although our hip-hop dance energy club adopts the method of recruiting students for teaching, on this basis, the brand breaks the traditional conventional teaching agenda and innovates the thinking concept of breaking circle linkage at all times, which has not only won the recognition of the director of the dance club and the on-site students, but also created a good reputation in the hip-hop dance circle.

Hip hop movement, musics and dance are inseparable elements. Relying on their accumulation in the trend culture, they were also invited to the scene of mysterious big coffee airborne activities, which created unexpected surprises for the students. It has not only awakened their inner pursuit of the trend culture, but also refreshed the audience carrier's understanding of the brand and displayed it in front of the students with "works". Adhering to the idea of daring to break the circle and explore more unknowns in Shanghai Station, we invited Chinese b-box ceiling level figures, broke the barriers between fashion and culture, made the perfect integration of b-box and hip-hop fashion and dynamic, and produced a wonderful chemical reaction.

Gao Boyang, manager of the sports marketing department of Reignwood FMCG Group, once revealed in an interview: "After the opening of War Horse Hip-hop Dance Energy Club in this August, the reverse continues to be enthusiastic, which gives us more confidence. Since the hip-hop dance movement has joined the Olympic family, War Horse will continue to innovate next year, become popular and interesting, activate the enthusiasm of the new generation of trendy culture with more new ways of play, and strive to generate broader resonance so as to provide a new and close atmosphere for the current young groups with trendy life attitude that distance is the platform to embrace the trend culture.

At the end of the year, the activities of War Horse Hip-hop Dance Energy Challenge and War Horse Hip-hop Dance Energy Club have ended perfectly in 2021. These two projects  conitnuously expand its influence  and its cases that are out of the circle also give War Horse more impetus to move forward. In 2022, we have the courage to explore new linkages, which have been widely participated and recognized by all sectors of society. We will jointly witness the growth and transformation of more new generation players embracing the trend culture.

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